An implant is basically a metal screw that is surgically inserted into the bone in order to replace the root portion of a missing tooth. A superstructure or “abutment” is then placed over it and crown/bridge made to fit on it.

Implants are also used to support Complete Dentures as anchors that help to click-fit over them.


Advantages of Implants

Advantages over a bridge

In preparing a bridge one has to grind the teeth adjacent to the missing area which could compromise their health to some extent. This is avoided with an implant. Chewing forces are transmitted over the teeth that support the bridge, and in long span bridges, this may lead to their loosening over a period of time.

Advantages over Removable dentures

Removable Dentures provide only a fraction of chewing forces of natural teeth. The plate covering the palate can at times be uncomfortable, & that can be completely eliminated if teeth are replaced by implants.

Advantages in Complete Denture Cases

As excellent support is provided by the retentive mechanisms of implants, the flanges, or plate-portions of complete dentures can be reduced considerably. The palatal coverage of upper complete denture can be totally eliminated rendering high levels of comfort to The dentures Dislodgement of dentures is completely prevented by implant support.

Procedure and time schedule of implant therapy

The gum tissue at the site of implant placement is opened up and a “hole” is drilled into the jawbone. The implant is then screwed into this hole and gum closed over it.

Thereafter the implant is left for 4-6 months in which time the bone grows and enmeshes around the implant surface and causes it to anchor firmly in it. At the 2nd stage, the gum covering the top of the implant is removed and a suitable connecting part, or “abutment” is attached to it. Impressions are then carried out and artificial crown/ bridges fabricated and cemented over it.


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