Extractions :

At Doctor’s Dental Clinic, it is our motto to try & save a tooth with as much effort as possible.

We keep extraction as the very last option available to us. However, there are a few
conditions that make extraction necessary, namely,


Severely decayed teeth & roots that are impossible to restore.


Advanced periodontal disease, causing severe tooth mobility.

» Fractured teeth, especially vertically fractured teeth and teeth in which the fracture line extends for below gum level are indicated for extraction. Unlike bone fracture that heal by fusion, teeth fractures cannot be fused together.
» Impacted teeth ,i.e. teeth that fail to erupt and are trapped in bone often need to be extracted.




Contrary to popular belief, extractions are not as painful as one imagines them to be.



At DDC, we make every effort in minimalising the incidence of excessive bleeding, both during and after extraction.

Third molars or “Wisdom Teeth”

Very often, third molar’s or wisdom teeth remain trapped fully or partly within the jawbone. They also form at varying angles and tilts making them impossible to erupt.

When are Impacted wisdom teeth to be removed?


Impacted wisdom teeth quite often cause nagging pain in the jaw, headaches and earaches.


In partly erupted wisdom teeth, very often a pocket forms between the second and third molars that is impossible to reach with your floss and tooth brush, that causes a collection of plaque in that region.

» This poses a threat of decay or gum disease for both the second and third molar teeth.
» Impacted wisdom teeth are known to cause a chronic worsening of crowding of the front teeth because of their passive eruptive forces.


*All clinical pictures and x-rays on this website are those of cases done at Doctors Dental Clinic only.


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